The Institution is located in its own premises of approx. 10,000 sq. ft. area in the prime place of the city, but much away from the traffic congestion and pollution. No construction around the building can be seen in a Telescopic view within the radius of half a kilometer.


Building is well planned and maintained, safe and strong as well. Mulberry Heights is easily approachable by road from all the directions in a colonial style house. The facilities are purpose built in a safe, off road setting to provide the finest learning environment for toddlers.


Large rooms with adequate illumination and cool breeze can be felt at all times. The rooms have been furnished with high quality furniture (colorful desks) and coloured attractive chairs, curtains and flower pots etc. Each individual room is fitted with high tech gadgets i.e. Close circuit Cameras, Sound box, TV, Microphones and Music system etc.


Keeping in view the safety of children the building has been designed in such a way that during any kind of emergency it has proper “Exit”. The institute is also fitted with Govt. (Bureau of Indian Standards) recommended FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ISO 9001:2000, IS/ISO 9001:2001 on each floor.

Drinking Water

Pure and safe drinking water is adequately available for the little ones. The institution is fitted with high quality Aqua Guards. Despite of this, if Parents want to send their children with their own water bottles, they are free to do so.


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Keeping in view of this, a high degree of hygiene is maintained inside and outside the building. The entire building is swept and mopped with required detergent and phenol on hourly basis. We also try our level best to keep the institution dust free.


On Saturday, children play in a well maintained garden to feel the warmth of nature and also to make them know what plants, trees and flowers mean in their life.


Parking area provides ample space for Car, Scooters, auto-rickshaws and rickshaws to be accommodated comfortably if, parked systematically.